BID Approach.

Effective and Efficient Tendering System.

Effective and Efficient Tendering System

The number one differentiator between businesses that win tenders and those that don’t is that winners have in place an effective and efficient tendering system.  The following model illustrates organisations – of all sizes – at various tendering maturity levels.  As organisations mature, they become more effective and efficient at winning business.

By Implementing a fluid tendering system, you can expedite your tendering maturity. Your maturity level determines our most appropriate BID Service i.e. BID Preparation, BID Management, or BID Consultancy. Links to these services are detailed below.

Email-Campaign-eTenders-Guidelines-Copy-of-MASTER-Graphic-1 Our Bid Approach


Services to help startups, SMEs, and mature businesses alike. Click the links below to learn more about our individual services, general pricing, how we work, samples, and FAQs.

BID Preparation.

Expert Help To Prepare Your Business For Competitive Tenders

We’ll work with you to define your proposition so that it communicates real value and people want to buy it. We’ll help you to identify and target prospective customers, and create compelling supporting sales content that highlights your capability, experience, and expertise.



BID Management.

Expert Help To Produce Best-In-Class Winning Tenders

We’ll work with you to create responses that are not only impressive, compliant, and effective but articulate your value so that people will consistently want to buy from you. We’ll help you to outscore the competition to win, retain and grow your most important contracts.



BID Consultancy.

Expert Help To Appraise Your Tender Effeciency & Effectiveness

We’ll work with you to evaluate and appraise your entire bid operation. Reviewing – against best practice and experience – your win rates, processes, submissions, tender team, production environment, systems and technologies. Reporting on areas that are preventing sales and growth.



Happy Customers

What our customers are saying about us.

Davey has been instrumental in bringing together and drafting all our sales proposals. He is the epitome of a Bid Professional.  He has an unbending dedication to getting the job done professionally and on time.  I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to any company wanting to stand out from the competition!

George Eyles

Managing Director, Digital Cinema EMEA at Deluxe Technicolor Digital

Davey, great work on our bid, well structured with great advice and additional content and superb graphics. Highly recommend your work to any organisation submitting tender responses. We now have a great professional template that we can use for other bids.

David McNamara

Managing Director, CommSec Communications & Security

We hired Davey on a recent and crucial strategic bid. His dedication and accurate representation of our company and capability led to us, and our bidding alliance, being selected in what was a very competitive tendering environment. Davey's leadership, business acumen, and 20-year bidding experience were invaluable to our team. Thanks for your professionalism and tireless efforts. Hope to work with you again soon.

Danny Cole

Commercial Director, Capstone Connects (Sister Company to Capstone Intelligent Solutions)

Blank-Diagram-Copy-of-Page-1-2 Our Bid Approach

The Smarter Way to Compete More Successfully for Tenders

By implementing this system, you will win competitive tenders more effectively, efficiently, and consistently.



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